Why Sport Lines?

Our Beginnings:

In 2004 after attending my daughter’s soccer games, I observed the field lines were barely visible and not straight. After a while, I decided to purchase a line striping machine to begin lining the soccer field myself. After some research and many experimental tries, I became more efficient at lining the field. The field looked great and the effort was appreciated by the players, coaches, parents and officials. In an effort to offset the cost of the lining equipment, I offered to line the practice field for a local pop warner football team.  They accepted the offer and it was not long before I began to line their game field.

Over the years, Sport Lines has evolved into a full service field and court lining business. Lining all types of athletic fields and courts for youth sports organizations, schools and city governments. Football, soccer, lacrosse and baseball fields were the founding mainstay, however, playground courts such as basketball, volleyball, four-square and hop scotch have become a regular part of the Sport Lines business. Sport Lines offers specialty items such as mid field logo and end zone lettering. Sport Lines works with several high schools, both public and private, city governments, youth sports organizations and private individuals.

Due to budget cuts and staff reductions, schools have outsourced much of the field lining services. Sport Lines has provided high quality service at a reasonable rate, creating an extraordinary value to schools and youth sports organizations. Sport Lines has established techniques and procedures to complete field lining projects in a timely manner along with maintaining a high level of quality.


Special Projects

Sport Lines has completed special projects around national events to include College National Football Championship, Super Bowl, 2016 Summer Olympics and Fiesta Bowl.  Many individual projects which include birthday, team and Super Bowl parties are regularly done.

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We have been using Sport Lines for over 7 years to line our Football, Soccer, Baseball and Softball Fields.

This switch has enabled us to improve our field lining quality as well as allowing us to maintain the same level of outside contractor maintenance usage. Had we not made the switch to Sport Lines, our usage of the contractor would have increased and they would not have been able to provide the same high quality product that Sport Lines provides us. It also facilitated better scheduling of the lining of the fields.

We have paid virtually every Sport Lines bill with our school credit card so the billing process has been seamless and has not added time or cost to our payables department.

 —Thomas L. Hartzler, CPA Business Manager


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